Unspoken - Jen Frederick ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review

The Boys of Woodlands: These boys are so funny together. I like their camaraderie, and how easy they are with each other. I love how they make each other laugh, and the cheer each other up.

“...Take the tip of the sledgehammer and poke it through the sheetrock carefully, like you’re doing a virgin. Look for wires or ducts. If there’s something there, leave it alone. If it’s all clear, band the shit out of it.”
“The walls are female?”
“Anything you push a long hammer into is a female,” Finn replied…

AM and Bo: They were such a beautiful couple. I have to say that I loved the way their relationship developed. They were so easy with each other. I like that he saw her as so much more than the rumours from the get-go. He heard the rumours, and then pursued her, in just the cutest way ever. I loved some of the lines that he dropped to on her, and how intelligent Bo was. I loved the kinds of conversations that they are having are so intellectual and sweet. The relationship really felt like its between two college students. It was great.

“You show a woman you love her by what you do for, from opening her door to making sure that bumps in the road of life are smoothed out. That she wants and wrries for nothing. That when think about sex, its her fave in your fantasies, her body you’re touching, her lips you’re kissing. That every day you remind her that she’s the first thought in your mind when you wake up and the last thought before you drop off to sleep.”

AM and Ellie: OMG! Ellie was just the best, the kinds of conversations that these two had between each other, often reminded me of me and my best friend. I also loved that Ellie was a soldier for AM, she was so loyal, and wouldn’t even date lacrosse players because of what had been said about her friend because of the lacrosse team. That is mine kind of girl, thats for sure.

“I wish we were lesbians. We would make a great couple.”
“Would we take turns wearing the strap-on?”
“No, I’d be the top,” I insisted sternly.

the Dual POV: I really liked the alternate POV although, I have to admit that while reading the first chapter, I was so confused, cause I thought Bo was the girl. So that was kinda weird by the end, but I think that’s just what I get for reading the second book in a series without reading the first.

Pacing: I thought this book was amazing with the pacing. It never felt rushed. It never felt slow. I liked how the relationship progressed over a long period of time. It made it all feel so much more real. I liked that Bo and AM waited to celebrate all their firsts at the appropriate times. it was really well put together.

Overall I loved this book way more than I expected. I can’t wait to read Undeclared and other books that are yet to be published.