Awaken - Nina Lane This was just the best ending to one of the best series ever. I have to say that I remember picking up arouse last year, and be sucked into this vortex of Liv and Dean. Here were two average people with a love that transcends so much, but its the love that we all yearn for. The kind that doesn’t die, or even lessen, it is just the best story, one that really makes you want to believe that love like this really exists, that relationships can be tested and they are not found wanting.

“My husband doesn’t just love me. He knows how to love me. He knows what I need and when I need it, sometimes even better than I
do. He knows how to unfold all the tight, rough parts of me and smooth them out with one glide of his hand. He knows how to prove that he—and only he—understands every crevice of my soul. He knows how to remind me that I am forever safe within his heart.”

There was nothing to not love about the this book,
Love that can’t be broken by external sources CHECK!
Professor Dean West and his dirty mouth CHECK!
A wife who supports her husband to the end CHECK!

“My husband and I will always be two people living in one perfect imperfection. We’ll always live here in the place of Liv and Dean, where problems are solved and locks are opened. A place of infinite love, persistent, tenderness, passion, acceptance and forgiveness. A place where wishes are granted, dreams come true, and stories have happy endings now because of fate or magic but because we love each other so hard and so well.”

I couldn’t say it better, so I’m not going to try, if you haven’t started this series yet, go start it ASAP! And if you’ve been considering reading this last book, stop considering and just go read it, this is the best examination of a real life marriage that I’ve read in fiction yet. These characters will melt your heart, and make you just want to try harder to be the person that you want to be more than than anything. I can’t believe my ride with Dean and Liv is over, but I think it ended perfectly, and they will be in my heart for a very long time to come.

“The most valuable lesson I’ve learned will forever live in my heart, right beside my husband. Love the one who proves to you that happily ever after is only the beginning.”