No One's Angel

No One's Angel - Kelly  Walker ARC provided by All Night Reads via NetGalley

“You’ll always be my Angel. If i have to. I’ll build you new wings.”

So a short spoiler free synopsis:
Arion and Angel met in an online game. They became really close talking everyday, and even off the grid to each other. Angel starts falling for Arion but is scared that he doesn’t feel the same, so when a real life guys approaches her, she jumps at the opportunity to try to forget about Arion. So she goes offline for one year. the one day she lands on Arion’s real life doorstep soaking wet, and needing a place to stay. And thus begins the story that had me on the edge of my seat for nearly an entire day!

“It’s a shame we don't get extra lives in real life, because I could definitely use one.”

This was such a beautiful story. Yet it didn’t feel like the typical NA book, instead it felt to well thought out and developed. Having characters who were easy to love but also three-dimensional. I have to say that most Arion and Angel were so emotionally raw throughout this book, that it was at times, hard to read. But at the same time, there were several moments in there where everything was so fun, and funny. I loved the supporting characters as well. Chelsea was such a breath of fresh air to the entire story. she was able to really make things seem like they were no big deal.

“It’s like you found a back door to his heart that no one else had. He’d barricaded the front, but you found another way.”

I loved how everyone in Arion’s life knew about his online girlfriend, but so few of them actually believed she existed. I also thought it was great that all of his friends were so open with Angel about the effect that her absence online had on Arion. I think that he was always so open to her being in his life. He was happy to just have another chance at being with her. I also thought that the dual POV helped to propel the story forward, and left no room for the miscommunication that usually occurs in NA book especially with a single POV.

Overall I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an NA book with some unique twists.