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Lori Foster is the Queen of Romantic Thrillers; she has everything:

An understanding male lead.
A super hot but honestly insecure female lead.
A funny as heck in your face sibling.
Friends who are kept at bay at first but then promoted to the majors.
A sweet side story that breaks your heart, but also gets you to love former characters more.
Two hot new guys who you’re dying to know more about.
What more could a girl want in a book?

I have to say that this book was just so amazing; it made me remember why I loved Lori Foster guys so much. She writes really good third person heroes and heroines. I think that is such a unique trait in a writer, and it’s one I really appreciate.

So here it is: Rowdy Yates is a recent bar owner, and its the first time in over 10 years he’s finally settled down in a place. Here’s the thing–he has a problem with womanizing, and he has his eyes set on the fun and flowery bartender, Avery Mullins. The thing is, Avery is always turning him down, and then something really uncomfortable happens one day, and they realize that the attraction might be more than they first thought. I have to say I really liked the pace at which the relationship between these two developed. It feels organic and fun, and I like the way they would relate to each other.

Lori Foster is great at mixing up stories in a series. And so there were lots of cameos if they can be called that. My fave? The first time Pepper (Rowdy’s sister from the first book) meets Avery at his apartment for the first time:

“So.”As if she expected her to sprout horns at any second, Pepper kept a sharp eye on Avery. “He kept you?”
Logan rolled his eyes. “She’s not a stray dog, Pepper I told you she works for him.”
“She works here, in Rowdy’s new apartment, in Rowdy’s shirt? Overnight?”

Overprotective much Pepper? But I have to say I really enjoyed the relationship between the siblings especially once we learned about their pasts. Another essential character was Marcus. I don’t want to say too much, I liked this particular addition to the story because it really showed us a whole other side to Rowdy, and its one I don’t think outside the circumstances that were presented in the book could’ve been seen.

I think the entire storyline is captivating, and fun, and thrilling. I think that its a great addition to the series, and I can’t wait to read more.

“How did I get so lucky?”
“You hired the right bartender to run Getting Rowdy. That’s how."

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