Breaking the Storm

Breaking the Storm - Sedona Venez *** ARC provided by One Star Publishing via NetGalley

The Good

Those Names: I know this makes me weird but Stormy and Lightening? Those are just awesome names, especially for supernaturals. I think that these names will probably stick with me for a while to come because they are so unique.

Stormy: I really liked her, all through the book. I get that she’s fighting who she is, but I also think that she’s proud to be a fairy hybrid. I think the best part about her is how she keeps her head on even when everything around her is falling apart, Stormy does her absolute best to hold everything together. I can’t imagine having to stay calm during some of the situations that she’s been placed in.

Light: As far as wing women go, I think she is just the shit. I love how free spirited and light hearted Light was. As long as it didn’t have to do with falling in love, Light was down for the count, and I think that I really liked that attribute. The way she support and leaned on Stormy was also indicative of the close bond that they shared. Can’t wait for Light’s story cause I know she’s going to have me both laughing and crying for her.

The Bad

That Prologue : Um so a prologue is supposed to inform about the story ahead. That one just confused the hell out of me. I wish that we got a bit more interaction between Knox and Stormy a little while before the prologue or even after it. The cut was so sudden and so hard an fast, one minute they are breaking up, and the next its 5 years later, it made it hard for me to get that they were so in love with each other.

Learning the Truth: took too damn long! I mean it was clear from the time Knox was seen being so close to the werewolves, that he clearly had some kind of connection to them. I just didn’t feel that it was necessary to drag out what he was for such a long time. In fact when we finally learned his actual history I just rolled my eyes, cause it took so long for me to learn the truth about it.

The Lack of Steam: If you have werewolves, and vampires and fairies there needs to be tons of paranormal sex. This felt more like a YA in those scenes and that made me a sad panda.

The Ugly

The book feels really unfinished. There are so many questions I still have. And I think that even the relationship between Stormy and Knox is even that solid. We never got to hear why the mothers would not explain shit to the girls, or force them to hone in on their supernatural skills. I would’ve liked a little more closure, I know this is the beginning of a series, but there could’ve been more done to help the reader be more invested in the story and therefore more likely to want to read the next book in the series. At this point I feel like it could go either way for me.