Blindfolded Innocence

Blindfolded Innocence - Alessandra Torre So this is the story about a girl, a girl who takes an internship at a law firm, and meets a man, one who is unlike anyone she’s ever met before. And though that girl gets tons of warnings, and see lots of signs that this is not something that she can handle, she takes a leap...

I know lots of ladies who are romantics are going to have issues with this very very very bad boy, but I loved him. I Think Brad is honest, and he should get serious praise for that. Above all he never promised anything he couldn’t deliver on. And while he is a man-whore, he does pretend to be a gentleman, ever! It really is what you see is what you get with him.

Julia herself, was kinda annoying and very very vain. She was so full of herself, that when the bad shit started happening to her I was so fine with it. Every time Brad pulled a dick move, I was like “well the bitch deserved it” which is probably not what the author was going for, but it is how I felt.

I think the book is written very well. The emotions and scenery are conveyed, and they never feel overdone or distracting. I thought that having the third person single point of view does lend to some bias, but I think that had the book written this way allows for the reader to be able to understand a little bit more, than if it was a first person POV. I also think the way the story unfolds is great. It keeps the reader guessing about where the relationship, and the story overall will go next.

I believe that books are a powerful tool in communication. I think unlike other media forms, they allow you to look into the mind of people and experience things the same way they are experiencing them. And as a result, I become more attached to books than to movies, because in a movie i'm an outsider, but in a book I’m an insider. That said, I think that its so important to take into account the fact that books like this one introduce you to a world that you did not know before. And though you may know of the world you have certainly never stepped into it, and experienced it from the inside. I think that the closing scene of this book is extremely powerful, and so well written. Julia is introduced into a whole new world that she never knew existed, and I was right there with her.

One major issue I had with the book was the believability. I could be wrong, but what college student from working class parents wears Prada and Louis Vuitton everywhere? I’m sorry but if I had student loans to worry about I would not be amassing such an expensive wardrobe. Also, I felt that while Julia’s boss warned her to stay away from Brad, he didn’t tell the other employees to keep them separate? I mean it was so easy for Brad to get to her, if he was some kind of pervert rapist, that was terrible protection.

I have to say this book was different, and the experiences in there are going to stick in my mind for a long time to come. I think that the good of this book will definitely outweigh the bad, and as a result I jumped right into the novella. But I will be continuing this series, because I have to say, it’s definitely pushed my boundaries, and I want to see where else the author is going to go.

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