Words of Lust

Words of Lust - Lise Horton *** ARC provided by Carina Press via NetGalley ***

Words of Lust is just such a great story. I think that the blurb doesn’t begin to do it justice, but these two are just so amazing together. I have to say that it was nice to read a story about normal people falling in love. I liked the chemistry they had from the very first meeting, all the way through. So Nick Stellato meets Serafina Luca when she gets harassed by one of the guys working on the construction project that Nick is the foreman of, and he is smitten. She is beautiful, adn smart, and everything he could dream of in the perfect woman. As a means of getting her, he calls her and asks her to dinner to apologize for what happened at the site. He also then learns that his baby sister is a student in Professor Luca’s class, and the class is about dirty books. And that dates starts the sweetest romance I’ve read about in a long time.

Nick is just so damn dreamy. He is a hard worker, but at the same time, he has shelves of books in his home (even before he learns that Serafina is a literature professor) and he reads! I’m not sure if he can exist in real life, but he’s so amazing in this book. He’s also an alpha, but not the pushy take over kind, just the sweet kind, that I think was just perfect for the very lovely, but very closed off Professor Luca. Also, I have to say, every time Nick called her ‘Professor’ I just melted into nothing, into absolutely nothing.

Serafina Luca has always been the overachiever, and so she’s been quite lonely, being an only child, and having lost both parents before the age of 21, she was ready for something new. But I don’t think she ever expected all the awesomeness that came with accepting that first dinner from Nick. I think she taught him to compromise, and he taught her to open up to being with other people. She called him by his full name which is Niccolo (How hot is that?), and she seemed to just really care about him, and she cared about his happiness often times much more than her own. I really liked how mature she was, and how she could roll with the punches when she had to.

The idea of the daily text messages which were coded, and very very inappropriate was brilliant. I think it was so original for the author to mix all those classic erotica books in this one, and help people like me, who didn’t really see the erotica in them when I was younger, clearly see those elements. I think this was a unique and fun touch to the book.

The one thing I didn’t like, I felt like the book just ended, an epilogue should've been added, because I want to know just how happy their HEA was. Other than that, a great feel good book, it had all the elements that will be make me remember these characters for a while to come.