Take Me Home for Christmas

Take Me Home for Christmas - Brenda Novak The Good

Lots of Background: This might’ve actually turned into a bad. I haven’t read the other books in the series but I was made to understand that this could be read as a standalone. But damn there was a ton. We got to know all the history of Ted and his friends, and their relationship with Sophia from high school.

Sophia: I think I have to first say that Sophia is a woman to be admired. She was so strong in the face of adversity. Especially with the myriad of obstacles that just got thrown at her, to be honest, I don't think it was very realistic, but for the story, it felt real enough. I think the fact that Sophia put her daughter’s needs so high above hers was just a testament to the good person that she was. I really liked her character.

Lex and Ted: I have a real soft spot for guys who try to have a separate relationship with the children of the women they date. Now, granted Ted was sweet to Lex way before anything started with Sophia, I still think that it made me really like him. He was so sweet to her, and he treated her like she was just another friend, and always considered her feelings before he did anything.

Ted: Um besides being named Ted (I haven’t ran across that name in a while), which I loved. I think I liked that Ted was such a complex character. He was clearly still hurting from his past experiences with Sophia, but at the same time, he was such a good guy, that he couldn’t see her suffer. And I think he let down his guard way earlier than she did. He treated her so sweetly, even though he didn’t have to. I think Ted made the book better, the way it was clear that he was so comfortable with Lex and Sophia, he still tried to fight his feelings for the prospect of an instant family.

Eve: I think this book was about a third about Eve. And I loved it, I know that we were supposed to be supporting the Sophia/Ted relationship. But I really liked Eve and Ted as well. I feel for Eve she is the only single person in her group of friends, and that can’t be easy for her. But she was still always trying to help other people along the way which was what I really liked about her.

The Bad

Where is the HEA? : I felt like even though the book was 300 pages, I didn’t get my HEA. I wanted a lot more than the end we got. I think we spent so much time waiting for Ted and Sophia to finally get together, and when the finally did, we got one misely scene of them being a couple, and then BOOM the book was over. I wanted a bit more happy for them.

Chief Stacy : not that I’m criticizing the character, but he was just plain evil!

So overall, I liked this book, I definitely want to read about the other characters in the series especially Eve!

***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review ***