Mr. Beautiful

Mr. Beautiful - R.K. Lilley So I was super excited about this book... unfortunately it did not meet my expectations, and that's why it got 2 stars, not because it was bad, but because what was promised was not what I got. I think that the author could've given us more of the in-between times (times when they weren't together but James was trying to move on, or trying not to think of her)> I also think that I would've liked to see what was going through James' mind when she went to meet her brother in the third book. I did love the parts with Stephen and Javi, and especially Stephan and Bianca before, but I just was not as impressed with what we got from James' POV.

If you've read the series, adn this book is ever free, go for it and read it, but other than that you can love them without this one.