Sweetly Bad

Sweetly Bad - Anya Breton 3.5 Stars

Boy oh boy was this a first for me. Starting off with the fact that there is a male witch as a the leading man. Not only that there is no way I could describe Drew as a hero. He was just so bad in every way possible. But there was something very sweet about him. And I think it was the fact that he had several insecurities. Also I rounded up on this review because unlike every single romance book I’ve ever read, Drew didn’t have a monster dick, that was unbelievable. I liked that he was average and normal (though he was a witch bonus points for that) I liked that he wasn’t off the bat amazing in the sack, and that Erica actually corrected him and told him how to be better at what he did.
I think that the pacing of this book was also really good, it was paced so that you got to know a lot about both the characters before they got together. So once they did, it was going to be easy for the reader to understand some of their issues.

Erica was just such a spitfire. I thought she was very honest and upfront with her feelings about the various issues that she was experiencing. Especially when it came to her her worthless ex. She had the potential to just be sad all the time, and depressed. Here is was curvy (her sister reminded her of this constantly), alone (sister told her that as well), a mechanic (how many of those do you know who are female?), and an orphan (whose father left her the business, the car, and the house). But she was so upbeat, and bright eyed! I just thought she was awesome. I wish she got even more book.

So want to meet an interesting male witch and his kickass gf? Check this book out

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