Carved in Stone

Carved in Stone - Kate Douglas 3 stars

I have to say that this was quite the story. While I loved the characters, the bad outweighed hte good for me in this book. Firstly because while Nathan Murdock was my Indiana Jones, he did fall in love really really fast. I think I loved Nate’s adventure spirit the most. And how much he listened to not just the words that Alexis was speaking, but also what she was trying to communicate to him. The way he could just adjust to the situation at hand, and the fact that he understood her, and her fears and apprehensions was just so freaking hot. Plus I am a geek for smart boys. And Nathan was definitely smart. Hearing him talk about the ancient Mayans and their history total lady wood over here.

Alexis Martin had a huge chip on her shoulder which stemmed from a confusing and hard childhood. One in which she was raised by her adopted family, but knew who her father was, and knew that her mother had died in childbirth. When she was finally old enough to apprentice with her famous photographer father, he wins a Pulitzer with her pictures, and gives her no recognition (thanks for the abandonment Dad!). And so when she goes to meet Nathan to begin an assignment to assist him in documenting this new find, I think she’s just in a terrible mood. But I thought she was a little too dramatic with her reactions, and as a result, she was kinda annoying towards the end.

I did enjoy the plot, I liked all the details, but I’m a history buff, so for me this was like an educational read. The steam factor was below average, but there was almost always chemistry between the characters. I don’t think this is for someone looking for smut, this was an easy read, and for those who do like history and Indiana Jones, this would be a good book to pick up.