Deeper - Blue Ashcroft So I've had this book for a while, and I decided it was time, and I want to kick myself cause it was so great, I wish I'd read it earlier. I have to say that the author did everything right in this book, and what better way to say that than to list the top 10 reasons why Deeper was Awesome.

1. Lifeguards - so hot on tv but why aren't there more books about them?
2. Broken souls - two people who have both been struck my terrible and tragic circumstances (great set up for a great Plot).
3. Wonderful pacing - I never felt like this book was slow, or fast or in between. It was perfect for pacing.
4. Kissing underwater - the way its described, I don't know why anyone would ever want to kiss over water lol.
5. CHEMISTRY! - The two leads had chemistry that was exploding off the pages, and again it felt super organic.
6. The Banter - Everything about Knight always felt like a 20-24 year old, he was so flirty, and so unsure at the same time, it was so great, and when Rain let her guard down she was pretty awesome as well.
7. The Names - One of the main reasons I think this book will stick with me, is those names, Rain and Knight, I loved that.
8. Plot - overall, I think the author had a solid plot line and she ran with it, I like when we get to see growth in characters, and we definitely saw that.
9. Dual POVs especially when you have two people who are so apprehensive about sharing about themselves and their pasts, it was great that the reader got to know way before the other person, it just helped to manage the angst a little bit better.
10. Unpredictability - So about a quarter way through I saw something in the plot, and kinda made me sad, I thought the author was going to go this super predictable route. But she didn't instead the book continued in a way that I didn't see coming. I.FREAKING.LOVED.THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***ARC provided by author via NetGalley ***