Five Golden Rings

Five Golden Rings - Jeffe Kennedy That was the HOTTEST 12 Days of Christmas Ever!

I have to say that I will never think of that song the same way again. So, Emma's dickhead ex told her he wasn't going on their planned xmas vacation to mexico after she'd already gone through security at the airport. So she finds herself on a long ass flight alone from Philadelphia to Cozumel, Mexico. While trying to get as drunk as possible on the flight, a handsome stranger across the aisle strikes up a conversation. And boy do sparks fly.
Miguel D’Oro is a very wealthy man who has had his Christmas plans inexcusably changed, and now he has to head to Mexico to fix a family problem. When he sees the distress on the girl across the aisle’s face, he decides to make her an offer to put a smile on her face. He offers her the 12 days of christmas for her 12 day vacation. They will both be staying at the the family’s hotel, and so he has full reign.
I really loved this story. The creativity used to demonstrate the song. Also the way the chemistry seemed organic, the way these two started off the relationship and the way in develops is executed really well for a novella. I definitely think its a must read for the holiday season.