This Side of the Grave

This Side of the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Another good time with Cat, Bones, Vlad, Menchares, Fabien, Dave, and the rest of the gang.

Firstly, I have to say I freaking love this series. I listened to the audiobook of this one, and it was just fantastic. Everything about vamps are better when you have audio. EVERYTHING! lol

So, Cat was my favorite character in this book. I think it was great to know that she has finally accepted who and what she is. This book was really a growth spurt for her, and it's one that we (and Bones) have been waiting for. Don't get me wrong, I have loved every adventure with Cat, Bones and the crew, but I was getting tired of those glimpses of insecurity that we've seen in Cat especially when it came to Bones. I have to say this book was fantastic. Cat's growth is set up with a brewing war as the background. While Cat is dealing with some seriously not cool shit, and trying to plan a wedding; Vamps keep turning up dead or missing and then dead. With her new found powers Cat is trying to cope with so many things at once. This time the primary villains are ghouls, and boy oh boy do they lend to some seriously fun, and scary times.

I have to say that when Cat told Bones that if anything happened to him she wouldn't want to live on, too was a real turning point for both of them. I know they've been married for a while now, but I think Cat was still holding back from him, and I loved that he was patient with her, and that he really put her mind at ease.

The plight of the ghost was another major storyline, and I think it was one of my favourites in this book. Fabien really getting an opportunity to describe the hardships of being a ghost, and really getting to voice his opinion was just such an emotional, and enlightening scene.

I loved every moment of the this book. And I love this series, and I'm so happy I jumped on the bandwagon Finally!