Wild - Adriane Leigh Recommended by Angie

I have to say that I loved this book. Here are my top 10 reasons why

1. Lane Wild has a dirty mouth
2. The Sex
3. Kat Kennedy was really sweet and really slutty but not too much or too little of either
4. The Sex
5. The last 25% threw me for such a curve I still haven't recovered yet.
6. You guessed it.... The Sex
7. Very little misunderstanding or miscommunications between these two. They always said what they had to say to each other (even when lying)
8. I've never been to Maine, but the description of the coastline in the book make me feel like I need to get there ASAP.
9. The Chemistry in this book was off the charts.
10. The Sex - it was hot, steamy, and frequent what more could you want in a book?