Ripped - Sarah Morgan So I went into this book expecting to just roll my eyes, and get lots of sex, and not much story. Boy was I disappointed. For such a novella this story has really good potential. I really liked Nicco, and I loved how controlled he always was with everything that was going on. I think that this novella is a great premise for a book, both Hayley and her sisters live this really fun, but really lonely life. And when Hayley is pressured into being a bridesmaid for her ex and ex friend, her sister is there, two problems though. Firstly, the dress is pretty much about to fall apart while she’s still in it, and the best man keeps glaring at her. I loved how open Nicco and Hayley were with each other. And I would love to read a full fledged book about them. The sex was hot, and the scenes were fun, and the kissing was awesome. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author thats for sure!

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