Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown This book saved 2014, OMG! So amazing. In a year when I felt only lackluster books were being released I am so happy I picked up this one. Special thanks to Rachel C. for recommending this book

What can I say. I'm not sure what I as expecting with this story but I knew this was not it.

This book had everything, characters that were so real that I could see each one of them, a fictional world so real that I could see the mines of the Reds, feel the passion of the Pinks, and taste the overindulgence of the Golds. For me, this book is a fantastic start to what will be an amazing series.

We meet Darrow born a Red which is the lowest caste of people in the known universe, at a particularly hard time. Darrow has lost his father to a rebellion he does not understand, and then he starts to lose more. He loses more because he dares to dream of a better life. and it is really Darrow's loss that propels this entire story. When he is given a second chance at life, as a different being born into the highest caste he becomes a leader, and one who will lead the rebellion for a change in the Society in which they live.

"Death isn't empty like you sau it is. Emptiness is life without freedom, Darrow. Emptiness is living enchained by fear, fear of loss, of death. I say we break those chains. Break the chains of fear and you break the chains that bind us to the Gold, to the Society."

But to bring about this rebellion Darrow must infiltrate the ranks, and the easiest way to prove his worth is to enroll in the most prestigious Institute, and go through the training. A training unlike one I have ever encountered in literature. Darrow is thrown into a world of battle, of wars and soldiers and kings, and as the enemies against him mount, Darrow must learn how to tell enemy from friend. He learns some very hard lessons along the way, but at the same time, he sees hope.

"Personally, I do not ant to make you a man. Men are so frail. Men break. Men die. no, I've always wished to make a god....Do why not carve you to be the god of war?"

It is Darrow's hope that propels his victories, it propels his failures, it propels him period. It leads him to do things that no other student has ever done. Darrow completely changes everything about the game he has been forced to play, and in so doing he changes the opinions of the the people around him. Darrow goes from the boy who no one knows from the family no one knows to the Reaper, the leader who sees a need for more than just slaves and soldiers.

There are snakes neat the river. Vultures in the quiet gulches. Killers running beside me. hat fried I have... I'm a sheep wearing wolves clothing in a pack of wolves.

I loved every moment of this book, for me there so as so to learn so much to embrace. I did cry, and it as hard at times to remember that these were teenagers, the behavior of these young people when placed in this environment was so barbaric at times. And yet there were so many moments when I could see the immaturity in the boys, the jokes they made, the times hen young love blossomed so innocent at first. I think Pierce Brown has really crafted a masterpiece. The balances in this book were spectacular from the pacing to the characterization to the settings, everything just fit together to effortlessly.

"I will learn to lead fleets. I will I will sharpen myself into a sword. I will give my soul. I will dive to hell in hopes of one day rising to freedom. I ill sacrifice. And I will grow my legend and spread amongst the peoples of all the worlds until I am fit to lead the armies that will break the chains of bondage, because I am not simple an agent of the Sons of Ares. I am not simple a tactic or a device in Ares's schemes. i am the hope of my people. Of all people in bondage.