Ruined - Tracy Wolff When I picked up this book, I expected to get lots of steamy scenes, but bot much actual story (based on the other TW book I read not too long ago). But I was quickly proven wrong. I have to say Ms. Wolff has written a really touching, memorable, thought-provoking book here. First of all Ethan Frost is super smart (which is very very hot), his company has many facets in the biotech world, however its also important that we know that there a bunch of intellectual property law thrown in there as well. However, the jargon and specific subjects never got boring or too long.

I think Ethan is just one hte sweetest and thoughtful of the CEOs I have met in this genre. The gifts were never over the top, or just him showing off his money and fame, instead, the gifts that he have Chloe he used as means to share more of himself with her. I loved those moments when they exchanged letters (yes letter, sent from a post office) it was always so sweet and unique.

Although the book is written from Chloe's POV, I did not think the reader got to know Chloe all that well. Chloe is very introverted. And so even when she's with close friends, its clear they don't know her all that well. But what I did learn is that Chloe has this quiet strength that I really really admire. The way she strives for greatness is just something that I loved about her. She very focuses, and her feelings are easily hurt, but you'd never know unless you look deep. But Chloe made a great leading lady, I really liked her, and I look forward to getting to know her better in the next book.

Overall, the book exceed my expectations; character development was excellent, plot was great the last 3 chapters made my heart race, and my mind blow up. I loved every moment, can't wait for the next segment.