Dangerous Pursuit (The Protectors)

Dangerous Pursuit (The Protectors) - Margaret Daley This book was quite the adventure story. I have to say that it was so refreshing to not have to read about a couple in the corporate world. Here were two ordinary (OK, Brock wasn’t that ordinary) people who were placed in extraordinary circumstances and yet, they were such likable characters. I think that one thing that made this book really stand out for me was the setting. More than anything else, the idea of the amazon jungle as the setting for both a romance and mystery book was really unique, and I loved every moment.

Samantha Prince is your average single 30 year old. She’s a little bit more than average because she has been able to open up her own bookstore, and she loves spending time there getting to know her customers, recommending books, and finding new and fun authors. Then she gets a phone call from her wandering brother, and everything changes. Samantha heads to Brazil to help her brother, and only upon arriving does she realize that she doesn’t speak the language nor does she know the culture. That’s when she meets Brock Slader.

Brock Slader is a lot of things, but don’t ever call him a hero. Brock knows exactly what it is to live in the moment, because he doesn’t really plan past than. I think Brock’s personality is a direct result of his past. But one thing is for sure, there is no one I would rather be stuck in the jungle with.

The romance between these two was very subtle; they were fighting to survive, and that’s not the best way to fall in love. But at the same time, it was clear that there was a serious attraction between them and also shared admiration. Brock really liked that Sam was able to try her best to adapt to their situation, and Sam liked that Brock was so willing to help her whenever she needed it. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for some real adventure. This book had it all: waterfalls, rapids, poisonous snakes, anacondas, macaws, monkeys, gold, head-shrinkers, and so much more. Great read!

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