10 Ways to Handle the Best Man

10 Ways to Handle the Best Man - Heidi Rice Yes I gave a novella 5 stars, and here are the 10 reasons why:

1. Sabrina is a kick-ass leading lady Apart from being way more organized and caring than any one person should be, I love how Sabrina was just honest about everything in this book, she made sure her feelings and intentions were known at all times.

2. Conner Just so sweet and so sexy, and amazing he deserves and entire book, they deserve an entire book.

3. Conner's awesome manhood Libby called it awesome, Sabrina called it spectacular, I call its number 3.

4. The rehearsal dinner That was a first for me, and I loved that Libby was watching the entire time.

5. Libby This girl was awesome, the way she and Sabrina got along reminded me of my relationship with my BFF. And it was great.

6. The sexting those convos were just so funny, and so fun, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed the back and forth.

7. The Banter I loved every moment that Sabrina and Conner shared even when they were being really mean to each other.

8. For a novella this book tackled some heavy issues I really wasn't expecting so much out of such a short book, but Ms. Rice was able to make it all work out so well.

9. That dance scene Dude Conner should get an award for being the word's best dancer, that's for sure.

10. The final scene I loved that scene, Sabrina was just amazing, and Conner's ability to take a leap made this book just so unforgettable.

I still wish that I these two got an entire book for their story, because clearly there is al ot more to both of them. And I fell pretty hard for them in these few pages.