Definitely Naughty

Definitely Naughty - Jo Leigh What a good time. This book was so much fun. I loved also that it was about a cop, and store window dresser (I did not know that was a profession). I loved how ballsy Aubrey was, she knew that she needed this man to be her muse, and boy did she ever use and abuse the muse (LMAO). She was so bold to call and set up a meeting with him, and then to put sex on the table. Liam was also pretty cool. He was such a guy though, but a good guy. He really cared, and it was evident from the beginning that he wanted to ensure that they were both happy. A short sexy read that involves LOTS of over top lingerie, and trench coats, lots and lots of sex. And a couple who were just made to be together. A definite must read.