Crazy Maybe

Crazy Maybe - A.D. Justice This book was so amazing. Every once in a while you find a diamond in the rough. I book that just holds your hand and takes you on a human journey that you never expected, and can’t imagine. And this book did that for me. The synopsis does not do this book justice. The characters were fantastic, they were so unique, and unforgettable.

Luke was just such a great guy, from the get go, he was honest with Andi about how he felt about them. He knew he wanted her, but he could also see that there was something that was making her hold back so they took their relationship really slowly. They became friends first, real friends, the kind who joke around but also know alot about each other. It was just so sweet, and I loved that Luke had his own share of insecurities, that Andi made her business to dispel. That was the best part about this book, that they were so supportive of each other.

Andi was just such a dynamic character. She is presented to us in stages, and at every stage we see how much her past has made her who she is, but also how much she lives in the moment. Although it is clear that there are scars; these scars that have been left by a very difficult life, Andi never dwells on these things. She lives for each moment, she loves so hard, she goes out of her way to show the people around her that she cares, and I think that was one of the most beautiful things about her. But Andi has many secrets, and they all unravel very quickly. When she is with Luke, everything is so different, she is so different, and the love between them is so strong, and so incredible.

This book had everything, emotional turns, a murder mystery, hot hot sex ( as in sex on a couch while their friends are watching a movie in the same room), and sweet karaoke. I listened to every song whenever Andi was singing, and it did enhance the experience. If you’re looking for a fun read, with that added emotional touch. This is the book for you.