End of the Innocence

End of the Innocence - Alessandra Torre So in the end all shall be revealed. It was such an ending for these two. Having to first deal with the two families coming together for their wedding. Olivia’s parents who could not imagine her with anyone other than Luke, and wanted nothing to do with Brad at first. I think that was an even bigger hurdle than dealing with Brad’s family. Who HATED Julia from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. They saw her as the enemy, instead of embracing her as an ally to her Brad back into the family business, that was the biggest mistake.

Julia underwent quite a bit of growth in the book, though it takes place over the course of a year, it was clear that during that year both Julia and Brad had some serious challenges to to overcome. Starting with telling people that she was engaged to infamous Brad De Luca, and but she fought through all of it, because she’d promised Brad that they were going to be together, and it was clear Julia was more than ready to make that happen. I also have to say I though Olivia was a bitch, and not with good reason, and I was happy when Julia put her in her place once and for all.I really loved the bday present she gave Brad, because I think it was the first time that it was really clear that she was ready to embrace the lifestyle that Brad loved, and I also adored his response to the gift.

Brad also grew substantially in this book. We saw him finally deal with his family, who they were and what they meant to him, and we saw him deal with several of the things in his past that were going to not be a part of his future, namely, Alexis ( the stripper from the first book). I think that he just knew that he was changing for Julia because he loved her, and not because she asked it of him.

I was not happy with the wedding day surprise, nor the fact that Julia who had worked so hard to be independent, was so different at the end of the book. But I did love the story overall. I’m sad to see these two go, but they’ve been through more than enough drama.

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