Addicted - Tracy Wolff What a ride! I have to say while Ruined was a fun ride into the awesomeness that is Ethan Frost, this book really took a look at the not so awesome parts. The insecurities, the imperfections, the flaws, and it made me fall for him so much more. I loved the way that Ethan was trying to protect Chloe throughout the entire book, the way he would listen to what she said, and really try to made her happy, even when it meant he would be miserable. I think Ethan is unlike any character I have met. He is bold, and daring, and yet still he’s sweet, observant, and clearly he listens to everything that Chloe says.

This book was quite the roller coaster. And to be perfectly honest, I actually felt a bit nauseous at the end. The ups and downs just always had me on the edge of my seat, and it makes me wonder how both Ethan and Chloe were able to live through it. I really loved how big of a roll Tori plays in this book. We get to know her better (though not well enough IMO), and she really is a true best friend. I love the way she supports Chloe, but in the end put her foot down, and tells Chloe that the back and forth was just stupid. I like friends who aren't afraid to say things as they are.

Also the sex in this book is out of this world. There was just no boundaries for them, and I think its something that is very unique about Tracy Wolff’s books. While they will have all these serious plot points, even funny or quirky ones, in the bedroom (or beach, or patio) it's always very intense, and very intimate. She really has a way fo writing her love scenes where emotions come through loud and clear, and it really adds to the entire story.

Chloe had me feelings just as whiplashed as Ethan and Tori. In the beginning I totally understood where she was coming from. And she had my support in most of her decisions. But at about 60%, I started feeling like she’s such a flake she needs to decide if she can live with the decisions that she’d made or not. Instead of seeing her grow, and come to accept her past, and deal with the emotions associated with it, and move on we saw her constantly run from all of it. I thought that we could’ve benefitted from seeing her not run at least once, may see her decide to stay and deal with the situation, and try to work through it with Ethan, instead of against him.

So, if you’ve read Ruined you must pick up this book, because so many questions get answered, plus we get lots more Ethan being Ethan, and there is nothing better than that.