Lovely Trigger

Lovely Trigger - R.K. Lilley No two characters have ever deserved an HEA more. This book was not as hard to read as the last I will admit that. I think RK Lilley has a unique talent to weave stories that are emotionally driven, but have lots of sex in there. Seeing glimpses of Danika and Tristan through the six years they were apart was heart wrenching. It was so clear from their internal dialogue that they were both in so much pain. But still they found the strength to at least attempt to move out with their lives. It was just a great story.

Tristan stole my heart from the moment he first reached out to Danika and asked her to be friends. It was clear that he just wanted to have some kind of connection to her. And that he was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen. I love that he gave her time, he was patient, and kind, and jealous as hell. Tristan’s love for Danika never faltered, he never questioned whether they should be together, but instead, he tried his damnedest to become a part of her life in any way he could, even if it was being a father figure to her nephew. I think that Tristan above all showed me hope, the kind that survives beyond all shadow of a doubt. And I loved LOVED LOVED his response to Danika’s secret, it was by far the best ever.

Danika is so different from the carefree young woman I came to know and love in the first two books. She no longer has this ‘hell with it’ attitude, and instead, she’s so careful, and calculating in everything she’s done. But once Tristan reenters her life, she becomes Danika again, it was literally impossible for her to say no to him, and she did try, but when they were together, it was like nothing else matter in the universe. I have to say I really loved Danika’s strength her ability to try to move on from a really difficult situation. And her forgiving and giving attitude with Tristan. She clearly never wanted to hurt him.

I honestly never thought that this book would end with a happy ending that these characters deserves after so much pain and suffering, but the end was better than I could ever dream. I’m so happy they are finally happy.