Dirty Angels

Dirty Angels - Karina Halle "There are always choices, my daughter. God gave you free will to make them."
"Then I am choosing to die later instead of dying now."

I could only say that this book is not for the faint at heart. That disclaimer that KH puts in the blurb is freaking true. This is not at all for the faint at heart. But under all the torture, rape, abuse, kidnapping, murder, there is a love story. One that reminds us all that love can come from anywhere from the worst of circumstances, that it has the power to make us do things that are so out of character, that at the end we may not recognize ourselves. Javier Berneal and Luisa Chavez were two people who deserved a life do-over, but instead they got something much better than that.

"Because life is a game and we're all just trading cards. We play the right hand to get ahead,"
"Death stops the game. It's too final, too inflexible, Death viciously stubborn."

Luisa is one of the strongest, most beautiful (inside and out) women I have met in a long time. She is just so much more than anyone she encounters can see. Even her parents, who she loves in a way that is irrational at time. But I can definitely relate to so many of the bad decisions she makes. She is at the end of her rope, and what she gets offered is so much better than anything she could ever dream. But it turns out to be worse than her worst nightmare. The fact that her getting kidnap is much better than the life she lived is heart breaking.

Do not worry. I'm very good at giving girls an orgasm for the first time. And for every time after that."

You're a very dirty man,"
"Filthy," he corrected me. He smacked my ass lightly, causing me to jump. "Oh that's just fucking beautiful."

Oh Javier, now we know his sad story already. Although I still have one seriously burning question, Why the fuck did he screw that girl? but the Javier that we meet in this book is a cartel drug lord, and boy is he bad. But there is a nobility to Javier as well, he means what he says, and though he has a hard time with some things in his life, the fact that he knows who he is and what that means it especially important to this story. I see him as being just the kindest and sweetest in his cartel. lol Also he has the dirtiest mouth ever, and I love that he just says whatever comes to his mind, I think thats one of the hottest things about him.

"I love the lotus because will growing from mud it is unstained,"

I think this is one of those stories, that has no black and white, and instead is all grey. And the grey works for Javier and Louisa. Louisa is a diamond by the end of this book, one that has been through the hottest most violent of fires. But when she comes out she is utter perfection in her world. Javier has finally met the woman that will be by his side. One that understands the violence, and understands that it is the life that he was made for. Together, I think they will turn the Mexican underground on its belly, and fuck it to completion.

"You have me, my black heart and my dirty soul."