Taint - S.L. Jennings Taint was such a surprise for me. I went in thinking that this guy was going to be a major dick for the majority of the book, but instead we met him, and though he did have plenty of dick moments, it was clear, that he was so much more than that. I also have to admit that I love male POV reads, especially when the dude don't turn into chicks half way through the books.

Justice Drake is one of the most complex characters out there. He is illusive, and very heavily sought after teacher. What does he teacher you ask? image Fucking... that is correct. He teachs the wives of rich men how to satisfy their husbands so they don't leave them... cause you not orgasming is your own fault... right?

Yeah so basically, he was an absolute image but at least he was good at his job clearly since some of the most wealthy and powerful women were "sent" to him to change their non-slutty, non-sexy, ways.

But then Justice meets Ally, and everything changes. He gets to see that his woman is so much better than her husband, that its not even funny. However that does many things feel a bit like...

image in class, but the two of them power though it cause for Justice its short stint in heaven, and for Ally, its confirmation that life sucks.

But somewhere along the lines of him teaching her the moves of a stripper, and how to masterbate, he decides that he wants a chance. He wants a chance to be with her, and for her to have all the happiness she deserves.

This book was superb on so many levels, adn at the very end, all I wanted to say to all these characters was.. image

Great read, awesome stand alone, if you're looking for something a bit different give this one a try.