The Warrior

The Warrior - Victoria Scott Ok so it took me more than a month to finish this book, but that said, please if you've started the series, please finish cause its worth it.

The first 65% DRAGS I know, cause it felt like a chore reading it. But as soon as we got to 66% I could not put down this book. Please do not try to solve the puzzles in the beginning YOU CAN'T! You just can't. I was utterly shocked to my core with a that happened. This book is way more adult than the previous two, its clear that the author wanted to demonstrate the maturity that had come over all of these characters over the passed few months. I loved that. We could see Dante was still a prick, but his growth was the most evident. I liked his struggles with both his and Charlie's role in this war, because it made him seem a lil more human.

I have to say that while I loved the action, it felt like it took forever to get there, and thats why the book lost a star, for me, if we could've gotten more battle, or just less book, it would've made it that much better. Thus I say if you've started the series and read and enjoyed the first 2 book, finish, its a great ending, there are twists and turns in this book that I never saw coming, some I loved, some I hated, but overall, I realy enjoyed this book.
*** ARC provided by Entangled Teen via NetGalley in exchnage for an honest review***