Reaper's Stand

Reaper's Stand - Joanna Wylde This book was really good and a great buddy read.

I have to say that Pinic is a rare type of biker, he is one who actually wears his heart on his sleeve, and that was really demonstrated in this book. There were so many times where he actually reacted just because his feelings were hurt and not because he was a dick. I have to say that this was really a one of a kind character in the MC world.

I really wanted to like London she was caring and sweet, and overly guilt-ridden, but she actually came off at stupid by the middle of the book. How could love someone to the point where you looked passed them constantly hurting themselves and others? That's not love that's insanity. I understand that Jessica had some problems that's fine, but the way that she was acting was just unnecessarily stupid, and it got to me.

Overall a really good book, I recommend it just for the awesome bikers who were in it. Can't wait for the next one.