The Dimitrakos Proposition (Harlequin Presents)

The Dimitrakos Proposition (Harlequin Presents) - Lynne Graham ARC provided by Harlequin via NetGalley

First of all I hate the cover of this book, I have to start by saying I think that's what kept me from reading it for such a long time. I expected it to be cheesy but boy was the book nothing like the cover. I have to say that I liked that Acheron wasn't a complete asshole, who found love and made a 360-degree change. He was mean, but caring that was always true. When he heard the full story about the child which he'd been made guardian of having never met the people who had bestowed upon him the responsibility, he immediately did everything in his ability to better understand the situation. I really liked that.

Two people with something to gain from a marriage. That was the premise of this book. Tabby is a woman who is grasping at straws, but she's not ready to give up yet. Having recently lost her best friend, and the mother the baby that's been placed in her care, wasn't the worst part. With the death of her friend came the loss of her business, her home, her life, but she never regretted giving up all those things to care for this child, and her mother. It was clear that she loved them both, and now the only person who can help her keep the last thing she has in this world wouldn't even speak to her. But she tried, and I think that was what I loved about Tabby she was determined she didn't care what she had to do, she wanted to keep Amber whatever the cost.

Acheron wanted move than anything was just to be able to continue his life the way that he always had...alone! But his father had other plans. This was demonstrated when in his will, he stipulated that if Acheron doesn't marry within one year, controlling interest in his company would go to his stepmother. This enraged Acheron in ways that he never knew, and so when this young woman with this child comes to him, he sees in her situation a means to get out. But of course there are stipulations to them being together, in that though they would be married him for his company, her for the baby, they would still live separately... how many times has that worked out?

Overall good read, I would like to read this author again, I thought that it was a really good book, and I miss standalones. But good story if you're looking for a non-asshole billionaire here he is.