Three Broken Promises

Three Broken Promises - Monica  Murphy ***ARC provided by Random House via NetGalley ***

This was actually my first book in the series. I have to say that the first 2 blurbs felt typical, but something about this story sounds really intriguing. First, I want to say that I did like both of these main characters, I thought they were good together, and easy to relate to. But they also seemed to really like going around in circles, nothing seemed to work out for them ever! I couldn't take the constant internal struggles, I just wanted to say "WELL JUMP HIS/HER BONES ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!" Cause they just kept getting close and then pulling back, I eventually got freaking whiplash. Then when I stopped caring, they start hooking up, then everything is fixed, and Boom, the book is pretty much done. I felt like there was potential for more, I would've liked to have seen Jen start school at least, and maybe have issues with that, or Colin let her make it on her own, and let her come back. But I really didn't like the reason they ended up together, it was so predictable, and kinda super coincidental. But I didn't hate the book, the few pages when Colin and Jen were a couple, were hot, and sweet. The angst was just super exaggerated, which I didn't really like.