Unbeloved - Madeline Sheehan This is my favorite story of the series so far! I think one of the best tangling and then untangling of a love triangle I have ever read. It was hard to read at times, I was really pissed, then really sad, but in these pages I understood everything. I understood how a woman could be in love with a man who was married to someone else. I understood how a brother could betray his brother for the love of a woman he could never have. I understood how a father could forsake his children for a club because that club was the best kind of family for him. I got how a woman who had been stripped of everything, and then had it all come crashing down on her could decide that its better to be alone than to be in between two people who she could not have completely. I really understood it all, and I think MS did a fantastic job of helping me to understand. But I felt like all the other books in this series, while there is a love a story, this series really should be called "The Wasted Time" series, cause there is so much time spent just being miserable for all the parties involved. It feels like too much at times, and in this book it definitely felt like too much. After all the time Hawk and D had been a part it just felt super unfair for them to be forced to spend SOOOOOO much time apart again! I thought the author should've eased the blow for us. I know she likes gritty but this was just cruel and unusual punishment in a lot of ways. Overall it was definitely a great story, also it will not stick out in my mind the way Undeniable did that's for sure. But I still enjoyed every heart wrenching moment. A definite must-read for fans of the series.

And also if ZZ's book is about him and who I think its about, I'm not reading that shit.