Try - Ella Frank This book was out of this world amazing. Ella Frank knows how to turn a room into a hot and steamy sex filled sauna. I loved this story. I loved the way the relationship between Tate and Logan develops, and that there was so much uncertainty. And that made the entire book so realistic. While Logan has always known and accepted who he is as a man, there is Tate and he doesn't know what he is, but he knows there is something about Logan. I think the back and forth between these two is just so real life, I never felt that any of the scenes in this book weren't just absolutely authentic, and perfect. I also have to admit that while reading I had the incredible urge to watch gay porn, cause these two were so freaking hot together. OMG! I know Ella Frank could write a hot sex scene, but this book was off the charts hot! I am glad that I waited until now to read this book cause I get to start Take right away!