The Good Girl

The Good Girl - Mary Kubica I'm really torn about this book. It was not what I was expecting... yet it was not bad either.

This is a mystery, told from three different perspectives. The mother, the detective and the kidnapper. I think that's the best part the victim who this story is essentially about never gets a say, she is the main character but she doesn't really have a voice of her own. So we don't ever get to know the real her. Instead we are given stories about her, past present and even future. Her story is being told by these three individuals who should know her, but ultimately only know parts of her.

I have to say while the end threw me for a loop, the book was not a page turner. I actually switched to the audio book, and enjoyed it way more. Perhaps hearing the three different voices made the story more captivating for me. But It was just not the fast paced thriller I was expecting. And thus the 3 stars, but despite the three stars, I think that if you're in the mood for a mystery, this is a good read. Just don't go in expecting Gone Girl because THIS IS NOT GONE GIRL!