Break the Sky

Break the Sky - Nina Lane 4.5 stars

I loved so much about this book. I think its best of I number them.

1. And the most important reason of all we finally get a real life, scientist as a heroine. As a scientist myself, I have to say this is a rarity, you maybe get a doctor every now and then, but scientists are super rare. And Kelsey is my kind of scientist. I love how balls to the wall she is, how daring, and yet some professional, even when she doesn't want to be.

"That's you life's work isn't it?" she asked. "It's what you love."
"What is?"
"Disasters waiting to happen."

2. Archer and his quirks. Quoting Star Wars, or even his love of cheese and ketchup sandwiches, or peanut butter and strawberry jam. Or best of all chocolate milk. And I not only loved that he loved all those things, but the reasons why. Archer had a chip on his shoulder, but even with that he held on to the good of his childhood even though there wasn't much. I also loved how both Liv and Kelsey really embraced these eccentricities about Archer.

"You need peace," I murmured, "and you need storms."

3. Archer and Kelsey, I really loved their relationship everything from how it developed to the separations and uncertainties , it was so beautiful, and real. No bullshit.

"You're like a creature from some exotic land that no one has discovered yet."...
"That is the strangest, most amazing compliment I've ever received."

"I apologize for leading you one again. I'm not.. I'm not always myself when I'm with you."
"Yeah you are. You just don't know it yet."

4. Liv - I saw Liv grow from this wife who was kinda lost, and so afraid to be her own person, into this amazing woman, wife and now mother. Her relationship with Dean clearly is so much stronger now, and its clear that she wants for Dean and Archer to have a better relationship with each other. The way she really trusts him, and cares for Archer and his needs is simply amazing. I have to say that its something that really made me understand why Dean needs her so much, she grounds him, she makes him see the world in a whole new way.

5. The sex. Nina Lane writes sex scenes like no other, its always the perfect blend of dialogue, and description. I loved the places, the positions, everything is so well communicated throughout the book. And I liked that these two flirted so much before the actual act, it added to the anticipation for sure.

Beautiful book, I would've liked the Epilogue to look a bit further into the future that's for sure, but overall such a beautiful story. I really loved everything about it.

"You think I want for you a certain kind of man," she continued her gaze unwavering. "But I know you better than that. What I want for you is a man who challenges you, who loves you fiercely, who accepts everything about you, even your worst flaws. You are not an easy woman, Kseniya, and you should not have an easy man. I want you to have a man who you want. A man who makes you laugh and makes you angry. A man who chases you because he's not afraid of the storm inside you. Bea cause loves that part of you."