The Headmaster

The Headmaster - Tiffany Reisz Well if I ever doubted if TR could get passed the awesomeness of TOS, I have my answer. This was such a great read. I loved every (very short-lived) moment. Mr. Edwin Yorke is so freaking hot with his old timey manners, and traditions. I have to say that every last moment with his cast was so damn fun and memorable. I loved the boys and the relationship that the headmaster had with them. The fact that he was able to teach them so much and still be a father figure to them. How understanding he was of all of their varied situations, I wanted to be the sweet and charming Gwen, who is just the embodiment of a teacher who does it because she loves what she does. I have to say that I do wish this was a full story, I want to learn more about the boys, but at the same time I get why their stories have more or less been told.
Wonderful start to this anthology. And just perfect for Halloween week.