The Viper

The Viper - Kele Moon So excited about this series!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I have to be upfront, I just want to get to Nova's book, but I have to say that though Marcos came out of left field, I really really like him. I think that his intertwined story with the main characters was a nice distraction. I thought that both him and Katie were so perfect, I loved them together. I will say that I think that their relationship was definitely fiction, but I have found the same issues with all of these books, the fact is they were able to make a relationship out of some really extraordinary circumstances.

I have to say that I hate that Jules is ALWAYS a bitch to everyone, that's getting kinda old now, so I hope that she's a bit more supportive of Alaine and Chuito cause then she'll just be annoying. I have to say that it was nice seeing all my Garnet characters especially Romeo and Tino, can't wait for the next book!