Christmas with a SEAL (Harlequin BlazeUniformly Hot!)

Christmas with a SEAL (Harlequin BlazeUniformly Hot!) - Tawny Weber Oh man the moment I met Leuitenet Phillip Banks in the last book I knew I would fall for him. There is something about a man who has been through so much, and who was raised to be so different from who he became. I love how mysterious Phillip really is throughout this book. I also loved how much he cared for his sister. It was so evident that he wanted to have a different life, and he wanted to be close to her, but he felt guilty for the way he'd treated her, and the way his parents had treated her. And Lara didn't care in the least she was beyond overjoyed to have her brother back in her life. I think that Frankie was the perfect girl for Phillip, I loved how quirky she was, but I also think she fit him so well because she knew that failure is not something to dwell on, but something that often we impose on ourselves.

Overall a great christmas and love story, I can't wait to see the rest of the team get their HEAs!