Untitled - Suzanne  Wright So another wonderful experience with the Phoenix Pack, I have to say that Roni and Marcus were the couple with the least amount of drama between them. I really enjoyed the fact that they were both attracted to each other, admitted that, and then acted on it. While they both had their hangups about relationships, but neither was willing to deny their attraction to each other.

Roni is my fave of the Phoenix Girls (though she’s not technically one). I think I’m drawn to her geeky, awkward personality. She wants to fit in, but even with all of her intelligence she can’t seem to figure it out. Except when it comes to her brothers, I fell in love the Axton trio, and how different they are but that they have an underlying goodness to them. I feel they love each other, and are confused as to how to show that love. But being the only girl with 2 mischievous brothers has caused Roni to be a very very good at pranking.

Marcus is just the sexiest of the Phoenix pack thus far (Can’t wait for Dominic’s book tho…) and yet there is a vulnerability to him that we never saw before. One that makes him so loveable, and so amazing. I couldn’t believe how sweet and caring Marcus was towards Roni. He loved everything about Roni that she thought were flaws. And he was never doubted what they could be together.

I have to say that as this groups grows, or we get to know them better I love them just a bit more. This was truly a wonderful addition to this series.