Aftershock - Sylvia Day This was a really gret story, it was hot, funny, familiar, and fun. So… why three stars? Well for one thing this was only half a book, I think SD would’ve gotten more stars out of me if she’d released these two stories as one book. I really liked the dynamics of both Gia and Jackson’s circles. But this really didn’t need two separate books cause they both were so incomplete. I really like Gia she is very New Yorkesque. Everything about her screamed New Yorker, even her stubborn attitude, and her I will get this done responses to everything. Jackson was well developed as well… I loved the wasp exterior with that dirty mouth interior. I have to say that overall this was a great story, I just wish it came as one book, it took me more than a year to pick up aftershock cause I was so disappointed. But I was happy that I did pick it up. I hope that Gia’s brothers get their books soon, at least Nico cause I love him. And also Deanna needs a story cause if not she’s going to go down in my mind as a B-I-T-C-H from hell.