Loyalty In Death

Loyalty In Death - Nora Roberts (Writing as J. D. Robb) I get why people keep coming back for more. Listening to these audiobooks is actually addicting I can't even work sometimes if I don't hear these characters. So I enjoyed so many things about this installment. Firstly Peabody's brother comes to visit and we get to see a whole different side to her. Also, her love life heats up, and though I saw it coming I want a lot more before they end (or don't end cause I like them together) I just think Peabody is such a fun character.

The main murder mystery storyline was really convoluted this time, and I saw it going in so many directions before it ended, but I didn't see that ending at all. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Eve and Roarke as usual were awesome, they are just such a great and fun couple, and I think the way that their relationship is progressing is awesome. Even the little hiccups are perfect cause we see serious character development with the resolution of each of them. I love Roarke he is just such a great leading man, he makes so many others seem so out there.

Loved it! Can't wait for the next book.