Angelfall - Susan Ee So I know I’m the only person who wasn’t blown away by this book. I had a few issues with the book on a whole.

I just didn’t feel any chemistry between Raffe and Peryn, at no point did i feel like she should save him or he should save her, i just didn’t get why they were together for so long.
There were a few loopholes in this story, the one that really got to me; that Raffe couldn’t pick up his own sword at the the end, how is that even possible?
The scenes were disjointed, even the phrases used, like why would angels call human monkeys? why not just humans in a condescending tone? It was weird.
I kept waiting for something to happen, and NOTHING HAPPENED! I mean we got the very beginning of something happening in the last 10%, so why was the middle filled with not much of anything?
I think my biggest problem with this book was over the moon expectations, I held off cause I felt like everyone loving the book might be a problem. Dr. Sheldon Cooper was right:

So I guess it wasn’t that great for me, gonna put some space between this book and the next…
I will admit Raffe is super hot, I do love a tortured soul.